Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Another Crown

I have horrible handwriting. It's something that, despite my tendency now to go days and days and days without actually writing with a pen and a piece of paper, my darling older sister won't let me live down. She has always had gorgeous writing - the artist out of the two of us. She could draw and paint when I could not, and her handwriting was picture perfect loops and slopes and consistency while my letters crowded the page looking like some delinquent scrawl. You think I'm joking. I'm not. It is virtually unreadable. A funny thing for a girl that writes every day. Let's just say my keyboard is my very best friend, and my 90 wpm the only way I can get my thoughts from my head to your screen. If I relied on actual written word, well...let's just say I'd take most of these messages to my grave.

All this to  say, somehow it is my job to make birthday crowns for the new members of our family. This weekend, we'll be celebrating my Rosie and my sister's Declan, born just 5 days apart. I said I'd make crowns. I made Rosie's first and I kid you not, the reason was to work on my handwriting. Because even when writing with a needle and thread, I'm still kind of awful. Let's just call hers the prototype.

I deviated a bit from my normal embellishments, but I have two to get through and am quickly running out of time.  I just added a little print to the bottom of Rosie's and I like how it looks. Honestly, yesterday I had no intention of completely finishing it, but once I got started, I just kept going. I love this type of making, something that is so open ended that you can go as far as you want to with. For a day that was a bit emotionally challenging, the perfect meditative action to keep my hands occupied while my mind was largely elsewhere.

In typical one-year old fashion, Rosie won't keep it on. Yep, that's just about right.

And although my handwriting is horrible, I think the R turned out fine. I hope she likes it.

(Want to make a birthday crown or maybe a crown just for fun? Check out my tutorial here.)

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  1. I love her crown, and I think the R is embroidered beautifully. I too have 2 crowns to make, one for my little boy who turns 7 next months and one for my own little Rosie but not until November, so in will definitely check out your tutorial. Xxx

  2. I think the R turned out perfectly! And the crown is adorable! As well as Rosie... :o))

  3. Wait - Rosie is ONE? When did that happen? It's been lovely watching her grow.

  4. Love the crown. And one already, wow!!!

  5. just love your posts! I am new to your blog and siimply love it!!
    just love your photos and your family is beautiful, but most of
    all just love your words.....I am so glad you write! I was sooooooooo
    blessed by your post yesterday; 'who told you"....I really needed those
    words and ever since when I am doubting myself or feeling the 'less then'
    I remind myself with those words 'who told you' and I am so encouraged!!
    Thank you! Thank you!
    the crown is adorable...thanks for the tutorial!

  6. why I think that is a perfect "R" and the crown is absolutely adorable.
    And thankfully, I am also typing this comment or you would never know what on earth I said. :)


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