Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dreaming and Planning

This past weekend was just a tiny taste of summer. Enough for the kids to put a few (hundred) miles on their scooters, riding around the block to Grandma's and back. Enough for Daddy to get started on cutting down some little volunteer trees I've been after him to get rid of for a (few) year(s) out by the garden boxes. Enough for Grandpa and a gaggle of cousins to smoke an entire lamb for Easter dinner out in the back yard in a homemade smoker. Enough for me to start dreaming of all the things I want to do this summer and get really quite geeked up about working, playing and living in the yard.

But, of course, nearly instantly the temperatures dropped again. I love Michigan. Born and raised here and really can't picture life anywhere that's not an afternoon's drive from one of the Great Lakes. But sometimes? Sometimes Michigan is a little hard to love. Like just after the hardest winter in at least 100 years, teasing us with Springtime temps just to thrust us right back into the cold.

I suppose it's really just as well. There's still so much to be done inside before I go full on neglect and spend entire days out. I've got a list of inside projects that I really should get to before expanding my project list to include all of the outside, too. There are rooms to paint and curtains to sew and closets to dejunk. I'm refocusing inward but with that little spark of excitement that comes with the realization that it's almost here...almost time. So I whip up another 20-minute shift dress for Rosie and clean out another cupboard, keeping one eye on the thermostat. I can't wait.

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  1. I'm so with you on longing for the outside!!! Michigan gives us those teasers and then freezes over again. Sigh. I love the dress and the muddy people. Mmmmm happy spring!


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