Monday, July 14, 2014

Dear Mama Clinging To Moments #MindfulMotheringMondays

It's just another Sunday night and we light the candles for that kid, the one who came along and changed our lives. We eat pizza and cake and the kids run around and swing and laugh and play and I snap as many pictures as I can. Looking later, I search their faces and try to find their hearts in their eyes. Is this enough? This simple little life where birthdays amount to little more than cake in the backyard with a passel of siblings? 

We all second guess our decisions, but nowhere more so than with our children. With my oldest going full speed ahead into middle school this fall, I'm finding more and more reasons to wonder - am I doing this right? I chew my fingernails down to the quick, worry marking me. Am I listening enough? Disciplining correctly? Giving him enough space for independence while keeping him protected well enough in the ways that matter?

Life is more than a running tally of how many moments you get right and how many you get wrong. The overarching themes are the takeaway. I can't remember every word in every book I read, but I know that some have impacted me in life changing ways. I can't remember every word of wisdom my mom handed down to me, but I know who she is informs and shapes my own parenting in more ways than I could count. I can't remember every instance where I felt marginalized or brushed off, but it happened enough times that I make a concerted effort not to treat my kids that way.

See, the moments matter - but moments were never meant to be stand-alone. They are strung together to create something more, something intricate and breathtaking. Something that is more than the sum of it's parts. That's what parenting is. Not a running list of failings versus victories, but a bigger, brighter picture. For some, a sad abusive painting. But for many of us, doing our level best, begging down graces from heaven and waking up every morning with hopes of giving them what they need? A lovely portrait displaying our human failings in the light of indelible grace. That's what the kids will carry with them, how they'll see us when they look back. They won't remember each and every moment we got it right or wrong, but they will see us.  I know, because when I see my Mama?  I know it's true.

I pick out pictures of just another night here and it's there in their faces, something I could never do on my own. Somehow, despite my human blunders, it shines right out. Joy, testimony to His everlasting goodness to us.


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