Friday, January 30, 2015

Rise and {Shine}

A very blustery night was followed by a brilliantly sunshiney morning and it's just enough to make me think I might just make it through. Although Spring is a long way off still, especially here in Michigan, the sun is the first hint, a reminder that it's not that far off.  I measure it through my camera lens and feel a particular thrill when there is enough natural light for somewhat decent pictures. 

We're finding our way through these long, locked inside winter days and it's really not half bad. After a few particularly rough years, so far this has been the best Winter I can remember. Somehow, six kids schooling under one little roof is working out just fine. We are finding enough to keep ourselves busy here and have nailed down a flexible but effective routine that seems to take into account everyone's needs - amazing when you consider we have everyone from toddlers through elementary and middle schoolers with a pregnant Mama besides. We ease into the mornings with nothing formal until 10, have a few intense hours before more ease in the afternoon while babies nap. It's ideal for me, for now - growing another little one and just beginning to feel that need to slow down a little bit as we head into the third trimester.

These kids never cease to amaze me and this has been our best homeschooling year yet. It's not often that everyone blossoms at once but it seems like suddenly each one of the four I'm schooling have had their own "Aha!" moments and it's so wonderful to witness. I've been at this long enough to know that these mountaintop moments are the exception, not the rule, but after seriously doubting myself and considering sending them all to school in the fall - it has been a much needed affirmation that we are just fine.

I'm taking these days to really sink into life as it is today and am finding so much peace in the predictability of it. I've never been much of a schedule person but I'm finding a lot of comfort in knowing that if I just follow the plan, I'll end up at the end of the day just where I need to be.

I'm discovering the keys to a happy life are just these: Coffee in the morning, knitting all day, relaxed expectations and a heaping dose of gratitude. I think I can manage that.

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