Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Mischa Dress

I haven't been doing a lot of intentional knitting lately. I've always got something on the needles, living in whatever bag I grab when running out the door to our co op or bible study, but I haven't really sat down solely to knit in quite a while. With our birthday month keeping me busy, a few family illnesses setting me back and a renewed focus on getting our homeschooling wrapped up before the new baby, knitting has been put firmly on the back burner.

The Mischa dress lived in my diaper bag for a while. I cast on for it while on my weekend getaway last month and worked the yoke, but once I started the skirt (aka the boring part) I tossed it in my bag for mindless knitting when I was out and about.

I pushed to finish it over the weekend, casting off in the van on the way to church Sunday morning. Despite some pooling in the skirt, I think it turned out rather nicely - and hopefully will fit the new baby in the fall.

I love all of Taiga Hiliard's designs and have been thinking of making a baptism dress next. My only struggle is with the idea of spending hours and hours on something I know for certain will be worn exactly once. On the other hand, how wonderful would it be to make my daughter's christening gown? I'm thinking a longer version of the Lizzy dress will work nicely. On a silk/merino blend? Ohmygoodness.

In the few moments I have had to sit down, I've been reaching more for a book. "Pushed" isn't exactly soothing reading for someone about to go to the hospital to deliver a baby, but it has given me all sorts of reminders about delivering in a hospital and just what things I should be on the look out for. It really is an excellent book and I highly recommend it. Just proceed with caution if you are pregnant and prone to anxiety (wait, isn't that most pregnant women?).

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  1. What a beautiful dress! I can understand the hesitation on knitting a Christening gown, but it make get passed from generation to generation and get some extra use.

  2. That dress is beautiful. I think knitting the gown will be well worth it - and it will become a family heirloom. I will love to see it!

  3. Such a beautiful little dress!

    I have several of that designer's patterns in my Ravelry queue.

  4. I'm just about to cast on for this pattern! Yours turned out lovely! And I love the designer's other patterns too. :)

  5. That dress is lovely. You did a wonderful job. I think that knitting a baptismal gown is a wonderful idea! Think of all the mothers who have made a wedding gown for a daughter, which will also be worn only once, but what a treasure to have it that one time! I think a baptismal gown is more likely to be passed down than a wedding gown, as well.

  6. that yarn is lovely, and a great pattern <3

  7. absolutely gorgeous! and you chose the perfect yarn!

  8. Lydia

    Just posted a post as part of my blog tour series, featuring your blog
    just wanted to check that you were okay with me using a photo from your blog? if not happy to remove

    Do love your words and photography, thank you for sharing your heart{{}}

    God Bless

  9. I love your dress, it's absolutely lovely! And I love the idea of making the baptismal gown. What a precious treasure to be able to put away and then passed on to the next generation!

  10. so pretty. we need a picture of rosemary wearing it! :)


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