Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Late Night Crafting

I seemed to have lost it for quite some time, that crafting mojo of mine. First the early weeks of pregnancy, with their exhaustion and sickness. Then the second trimester, feeling better but still falling asleep quite early. But now, now I've got that thing going on that can be both frustrating and awesome. Pregnancy insomnia. For me it's not really insomnia at all, just messed up sleep schedules. Staying up too late leading to late afternoon naps which feeds the disordered pattern further.

I certainly could work to correct it, be extra strict with myself and maybe power through the afternoon drowsiness and put myself to bed early. The trouble is - I secretly love it.

Time alone (or at least with no children around) for hours? It has been a while since I had much of that and it is kind of amazing. Especially when it coincides with compulsive creativity.

This week I went ahead and knit Rosie a shrug on an absolute whim. When dressing her for church on Sunday, I noted her lack of light colored sweaters. Thanks to living in Michigan and knowing that any sweet little sleeveless spring church dress demands wool well into June, I dug into the yarn stash, sat down for a few hours and churned this out. I followed the Something Beautiful pattern and chose the option for short sleeves.

The next night I finally printed off the pattern pieces to the Sally dress I've been meaning to make her since before Christmas. My plan was to cut out the pieces and maybe sew it the next day after co op. Well, by the next morning all that was left to do was a bit of hemming. Whoops.

In light of this recent compulsion and those lovely stretches of late night time to do what I please, I'm trying to be a little bit more intentional and come up with a plan to make the most of it.

I'll definitely be making another Sally dress for Rosie - maybe a few for gifts as well. And this baby needs this romper, I think. The yarn for the christening gown should be here soon, along with an extra skein that might have to become a sweater to add to the baby shower pile.

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  1. Love the little shrug and the print for that dress is ADORABLE. the colors are fabulous for ushering in a Michigan spring/summer

  2. the shrug looks amazing with the dress. :)

  3. The dress and the shrug are both lovely! I wish I could work as fast as you . . . I still have an Easter dress to finish, and the planned shrug for my daughter is probably going to be a no go. ;-)

    As always, I'd love to have you link up at my Yarn Fanatic Party!

  4. Dress and Cardi are lovely!

    And please enjoy these special nights as long as they last ;-) After 8 months of nightly breastfeeding I crave a crafty sleepless night like that.

  5. Wonderful dress and so sweet shrug! Congratulations Lydia!

  6. Hello, this is the cutest little sweater you knitted. I love it and it's adorable with the dress. Perfect for the Easter holiday :)

  7. Perfect combination - I love the fabric you chose.


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