Friday, May 15, 2015

She's Here

Magnolia Grace
7 lbs 6 oz
21 inches
May 13, 2015

Our seventh baby, fourth daughter surprised us by showing up a little bit early.  She is absolutely perfect in every way and a more adored baby I'm not sure ever existed. 

Birth is, always, intense, magical, brutal and miraculous. I learn something new every time. This time, how suffering and sanctity is always held together, and when you have that knowledge - fear flees. Looking up into my husband's face and telling him "I'm afraid" right there before the end, yet taking that deep breath and doing the hard thing - that lays the groundwork for all of life that comes after. There is never anything to fear. Victory is ours before that very first step.

I was grateful to have the most hands-off hospital experience possible. Besides the few things that are simply how things are there, I can't imagine it going much differently here at home. We were there for three hours before she appeared. It was perfect.

After a tiring 24 hours in the hospital, I'm so thankful to be home. I know it may seem odd that our little house with seven kids is more restful than a solitary hospital room, but it is!  The constant waking and checks that hospital protocol necessitates is so disruptive to those precious first few hours, I was desperate to get back home. 

So here we are. My kids drift in and out to hold and marvel at our little one. J has two whole weeks off work, and is doing an amazing job at keeping our busy family life afloat while I sleep and mend and nurse nonstop. 

I have nothing but gratitude and amazement that a life this full of all the good things could possibly be mine. 

Like Grace, something I could never deserve or earn, but a gift straight from Heaven.

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