Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Abide: Lent

Lent kicks off this year nice and early, and I'm oddly ready for it. Not because of any particular goals or plans, but more because I need it. The introspection, the focus, the reminder. 

I spent Fat Tuesday in the throes of the stomach bug that has been slowly working its way through our family. Our one full bath is under emergency construction and the chaos that ensues from such a project is taking its normal toll. I look around here where all the flaws of humanity are on display day in and day out and think  "thank God for Lent!" Because all of it is redeemable. All serves a purpose. All is opportunity to cling a bit closer, lean a bit heavier, pray a bit harder. 

God's gift of salvation isn't just for the end of our lives. It is for every day, every step we take in getting there. Salvation that wraps around all that we go through here and infuses it with purpose. When I look at life through the lens of eternity, I'm a softer mom. A more patient wife. A better friend. A more compassionate human. 

So, what am I doing about Lent this year? Not much, honestly. I took Facebook off my phone to be more intentional about my time and I'm planning on working some fasts in. Other than that, just looking to see life the way He does: rife with opportunity for edification. 

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