Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Made For This

Today is is supposed to hit 88 degrees. Michigan spring has a way of doing that - going straight from worrying about frost killing everything to watermelon and sprinklers and beating the heat in any way we can. I think I'm ready for it. Today we will pull the screens out of the garage and hose off box fans we lug out of the basement. Summer in our 100+ year old house is pretty much stuck in the 50's as far as climate control. I hit the grocery store early for popsicles. The baby wakes up with a head of humidity sent sticky curls. My big girls wake early and spread blankets on the lawn to watch the sun come up. The beginning of a brand new summer is always an exciting event.

I love changing seasons because each time they feel fresh. A new opportunity to look at life with new eyes. This spring, I'm 32. With seven kids, (almost) 13 down to 1. It's a fresh start.

Lately, sprinkled here and there in many different conversations with a variety of people, I've come up against this idea of individual giftings. Personalities and talents. The way each on of us was created to reflect the Creator and the many, many different forms that that takes. With one friend, I muse about it in relation to homeschooling. Am I trying to be a homeschooler that I am not? With another, in how I am meant to spend my time and bless my family. Am I using my time to grow the gifts I have been given, or am I pursuing something not meant for me?

I wonder if God is shaking his head at me when I try to pigeonhole myself in one area, all the while ignoring the spaces and things that He has meant for me. Banging my head against a brick wall when if I just take a moment to be honest with myself, I would realize it's not for me.

These are hard realizations, but important ones. Taking them out once in a while and considering them is vital to staying on track. It's something I have neglected of late, going through the motions and wondering why life has felt so stale. So joyless.

We are, all of us, made for love. That is always the place to begin. From there, humbly and prayerfully discerning our intended paths is a practice that will be ongoing. A life long lesson in offering ourselves up to be used for His glory, in His way.

It's how we trust His provision. That we can do what we are called to and trust that He's got the rest.

We are made to be more than a carbon copy of every other human that has ever lived. In embracing our unique talents and spirit-led passions, wrapping it all up with the personality we were born with, we are working together with the God of the universe to bless the world. That is big stuff. Important stuff.

So I start this new summer with that in mind. Beginning with love in the way I've been blessed to love. Giving all glory to the One who made me just for this.

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