Friday, January 29, 2010

This n' That

Today was a long one.  My littlest darling decided at 4:45 AM to boot me out of the bed I so generously share with him, starting my day off a bit earlier than I am used to.  I fought it for awhile, trying everything in my mommy-of-four repertoire to calm him, but to no avail.  I must have been half asleep while all of this was going on, because I dreamt the most fabulous knitting pattern ever.  Once I get a chance to run to the yarn store, I'm going to attempt to recreate it.  Who knows, I may just make a career of bringing dream patterns to life.

I am feeling the need to refocus a bit in our homeschool.  The spliced together curriculum we are following is just fine, but we haven't been able to make it to the library recently (read: I am way tooo lazy to bundle up 4 kids and brave the cold) and I am feeling an acute need for new literature for all of our sakes.  I'm really not one to purchase or hold onto books...stemming perhaps from the fact that we have always lived a block away from the library as well as my aversion to owning too much of anything.  It has never bothered me before but I realized tonight, as I was searching my shelves for something to read, that I need a good collection of children's classics.  It looks like at very least the girls will be getting "Little House on the Prairie" for their birthdays.   I need to come up with some ideas for my 1st grade son as well.  Being a girl (and a girly-girl at that) I am a wealth of knowledge when it comes to what little homeschooled GIRLS love to read, but I need some help in the boy arena.  Incidentally, if anyone needs a book list for girls, drop me a line.

After a break around the holidays, the baby is back in cloth diapers full time.  I am enjoying it so much!  I definitely needed a break, but I am so happy to be back.  The trash was almost doubled when we used disposables and it was very convicting.  I've had a few people ask me about cloth diapering, the different types, etc, so I'll be compiling an informational blog on that in the near future.

Last order of business before retiring to my couch with a glass of wine: I'm thinking of hosting a give away to get this blog started off right!  Stay tuned for more information and to see what the prize will be!


  1. Add British author, Enid Blyton for an international twist! You and your blogs totally rock!!

  2. What about Hardy Boys? Also the Magic Tree House series. My boys have enjoyed those, but they've out grown them(Magic Tree House). I am going to try out Hardy Boys with my 9 year old. Right now he is reading The Boxcar Children, which are also good ones. I had a few of those as a child.

    I have also started back up with cloth diapering. My first time having 2 in cloth at the same time. So far we have managed to catch all of the 2 year olds poos in his overnight disposable. Yay! As for my 6 month old she is still EBF, so her poops can go right in the wash, for now. I had all but quit with my 2 year old, but we just could not afford the diapers anymore, so it's back to basics. lol. He absolutely LOVES being in cloth like his sister.


    Here are some GREAT books from Vision Forum that you could look through to find something appropriate for your little man.


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