Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Card Game

In this busy little house with so many busy little people, "one on one time" is very rare and, should it happen at all, it is often for just a few precious moments here and there.  I find that it is the oldest that miss out the most - certainly the baby gets one on one time with mama, and even the two year old finds her way to my lap at least once a day.  It is my oldest that rushes off to play with friends when the others nap, or spends time bonding with Daddy in the evening when everyone else has gone to bed (something I treasure dearly).  This afternoon, however, after a busy morning at our homeschool co-op, one of those perfect moments found us.  All 3 of the youngers were asleep at once (rare!) and I took that moment to do a quick overhaul of our craft/game/puzzle closet (incidentally, what does one DO with puzzles that have lost their pieces?  Donate?).  I proudly showed my nonplussed son my handiwork, and his eyes lighted on a pack of Go-Fish cards.

We each pulled up a chair and he shuffled first.  He laughed and mocked me as he "creamed" me in the first, second, third rounds.  He marveled at my (mediocre) shuffling and declared it to be magic.

It all didn't last long before the baby woke up and his neighborhood friend came knocking on the door.  Before rushing off to play, my little man gave me a tight squeeze and promised to "beat you again tomorrow!"

These are the moments and times I want to treasure up and remember.  A card game on an ordinary February day with my son.


  1. I have always enjoyed reading your xanga blog even though I am not a very good commenter. :) I was so glad to hear you were going to take the plunge and start this blog. You have a gift for writing and I hope this works well for you!



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