Thursday, February 4, 2010

Midweek Meanderings

Our "Midweek" is really our "Weekend," meaning Wednesday and Thursday are when Daddy is home!  Here are some of our Midweek Meanderings from yesterday.

A successful trip to our nearby Thrift Store yielded this lovely find!  Betsy Tacy and Gone Away Lake, both on my previous List of Books for Girls, 20 cents a piece.

Some of our finds at the local Library.  I was especially thrilled to find "The Creative Family" By Amanda Blake Soule, which I had been wanting to take a peek into.

I stumbled across this set up this morning, before my sleep head girls were even up for the day.  I love finding the evidence of imagination taking place around my home!

I've got some WIPs that I want to share with you, but other things are demanding my attention at the moment!  I will get some pictures and put them up later.

Have a lovely Midweek!


  1. Oooh LOVE soulemama, I am slightly addicted and Betsy-Tacy was one of my very favorite books when I was younger, actually the whole series!

  2. The memories you are making will last a lifetime. Believe me.

  3. Sara - I also loved Betsy-Tacy and the entire series! I'm sure that Ava will especially appreciate them now that you all live in WI!


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