Friday, March 19, 2010

In the Midst

I am in the midst of quite a crazy week.  Smooshed within the normal crazy life of homeschool and homemaking, yesterday we put on a lovely little Birthday Spring Tea for my 2 daughters.  I love birthdays in Spring (as I know I have mentioned before...) but something especially about a girl birthday in Spring is especially sweet and tulips in pretty pastel colors.  We went with a Princess/Fairy tea party theme and I think it went pretty well.

My lovely little lady D

3 year old F intent on her picture

2 little Prince Charmings

Vintage tea cup

Next on the agenda is getting my family packed up and ready for a trip down to Virginia.  I completely forgot to order yarn for a particular project that I had planned on working on during our 9 hour drive, so I am beginning to panic and look around frantically for ideas.  A trip to my local yarn store may be in order before we drive off on Tuesday.

Speaking of knitting and crafting, here is an adorable tutorial for sweet little knitted snails.  They look much more complicated then they actually are!  And a great way to use up any little balls of random yarn that you may have laying around (I certainly do!).  I'm going to make one for each of my littles and stick them in their Easter baskets.  My kids love tiny little toys that can be put in pockets and carried around all day, so I think these will be perfect.  She also has this sweet tutorial for a little mushroom "fairy house."  I might leave off the fairy aspect and just make them mushrooms.  Again, super cute and super easy!

A friend asked how my quilt was going last night... I've neglected this craft!  Hopefully I'll be able to spend some time on it today while the kids play outside in this lovely weather.  I am more than halfway finished with the quilt top, and if I worked on it today and tomorrow I could possibly finish the top before we leave town.

Of course, I always could just make more of fun and so cute!  Everyone needs one!

I mean the hat, not the baby...though that could be ok too :-).


  1. Ha! Yeah! I suppose you could work on making both! :)
    So glad the party went well. Can't wait to have tea parties with Abbie when she's that age. My Mom absolutely adores tea parties, so she'll make it happen if I fail to.
    Say hello to my hometown. I miss it, especially in this kind of weather. Wish I could go down and see the grandparents, cousins and friends. It has long been on my to-do list.
    Also, if you remember, please say hello to Sheree and Greg for me.
    Safe travels,

  2. What a cute birthday idea. Looks like a very sweet and perfect party for two little girls. :)


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