Wednesday, March 3, 2010


(Being inspired is so important.  It is the nudge we need to get up and go do something different.  It is what helps us look at the world through perspectives different from our own.  There is no shortage of ways, things and people to be inspired by.  I'm hoping to do a somewhat weekly post on little inspirations I find here and there and everywhere!)


Blogs - always look to my bloglist for the list of ladies who are currently inspiring me.  There you will find excellent mothers, artistic souls, and even some that inspire me spiritually.

The Little House books - "Ma" from the Little House books is a true inspiration to me.  She keeps her simple and straightforward home clean, attends to all the nutritional needs of her family, helps her husband, sometimes schools her children, and makes their tiny corner of the world a snug and beautiful home.  I want to be just like her.

My kids - I'm inspired by the imaginations of my children.  They are still young enough that the bounds of logic do not apply to their fantastic daydreams and ideas.  Inspired by Ann, I am trying to say "yes" more than no this year, or even "we can talk about it."  From wondering if suction cups attached to bike tires will let you ride up walls to practicing "flying" off the stairs, kids inspire me to think outside the box...and have as much fun as possible.

Homeschooling Moms - talk about a group of people who are willing to think outside the box!  Homeschooling moms are a wealth of information and inspiration.  They are comfortable with themselves as intelligent individuals and rise to challenges placed before them with a certain can-do attitude that is hard to find elsewhere.  Homeschool mamas actually do believe they can make or do or invent anything that they need or want.  That kind of confidence is completely contagious.  Some of my most inspiring moments are when I get to chat with some of the incredible ladies at our home school co-op.

My own Mother - This lady wrote the book on attachment parenting/frugal living/simplicity/homeschooling.  Anything you read here is probably 98 percent her and 2 percent me.  Before "natural family living" had a name and, subsequently, a magazine/website, Mom was raising her kids the natural, frugal, homeschool-y way.  This was back when homeschooling was largely believed to be illegal.  She would bake her own bread and school her kids, maintain an insane budget and always seem to come out on top.  She raised 7 awesomely diverse children with varied passions and gifts and is still homeschooling my youngest sibling to this day.   I must admit, it is a bit annoying when I have an "a-ha!" moment that I have to share with her, just to realize I had come to the same conclusion she had 30 years earlier.  Oh well, I'll take it.  I'm blessed to have her on my team every single day.

What/Who inspires you?

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  1. We've been watching and reading the Little House on the Praire series lately. It's so interesting to see it now through the eyes of a Mom. "Ma" is such a wonderful example of a wife, mother and Christian: loving, faith-filled, hardworking, respectful of her husband and his leadership in their home, forgiving of others (especially with Mrs. Olsen!). Good lessons to learn even now. I think the impact it has on me now is even more than when I was young. "Oh, Pa!" :o)


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