Friday, March 5, 2010

The Secret to True Contentment

You may look at the name of this blog and think "Wow, she's big on contentment.  She must be very content with her life."  Some days, yes, but some days, absolutely not.  Contentment, if not nurtured daily, can fall by the wayside.  How do I go about nurturing contentment in my daily life?

One word:


Gratitude creates a fertile ground for Contentment to spring up from.  Gratitude takes stock of the good in life and gives fresh perspective to the blessings of every day.  Gratitude gives way to pure Joy.

I can tell when I have neglected this gratitude, this joy habit.  I can tell by the way I view my life, my surroundings, my circumstances.  And I can see the instant refreshing of contentment that happens when I slow down and take stock of the way things truly are.

Sometimes being grateful means looking closer at hard times in our lives and identifying the good that can and does come from those times.  Joy can flourish regardless of circumstance.

Jot down your gratitude daily.  It will change how you view your life.

Today I am so grateful for -

Melting ice, snowdrop buds and the subtle daily changes as the world ushers in Spring

J's way of burrowing his head into my lap like a little puppy

B's spelling breakthrough - he is now spelling every word he can think of

Husband's job and the opportunities he is having there

Warm sunspots on the floor

Cloud soft yarn taking shape of tiny baby knits

Quiet evenings with my husband

Big plans for the next few weeks!

Creative ideas spinning around in my head just waiting to be put to use!

My baby boy walking so well! *bittersweet blessing*

My constant amazement at this incredible life.


  1. love this. I think practicing gratitude has changed my life. like you, when days are tough, I can usually turn things around by sitting with my journal and writing. it's my little trick when I can't sleep, too- works every time!

  2. Such blessings (and beautiful longies!)! We are so blessed, but I can commisserate on letting my contentment drain out.

  3. "...a thankful heart hath a continual feast." -W.J. Cameron


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