Monday, March 29, 2010

A Quiet Night

We are still in the process of transitioning my youngest into a crib.  When he became mobile, putting him to bed in our bed became a problem.  He's always been a very good self soother, but was livid at the prospect of being left alone in a small bed that looks suspiciously like a jail cell.   Luckily, he can be coaxed to calm, lay down even, if mama is nearby.  So I sit in a chair and click my needles and listen to his breathing slow and watch his eyelashes flutter his little lids down.  A nice way to wrap up the evening.

I'm making one of these tonight.  I am becoming mildly obsessed with impossibly tiny little toys.  They use up remnants of yarn so quickly and sweetly.  With Easter baskets needing to be filled, these quick little knits are just what we needed.

I've been thinking about curtains, to be exact.  I have 2 off white valances that were gifted to me, but while the price is definitely right, I'm longing for something a little different.  That means looking at fabric.  A LOT of fabric.  And not knowing where to begin or even really what I'm looking for.  The other option would be to buy plain colored curtains at a deep discount and them embellish them.  I know that I will know its right when I find it.  Until then, I'll keep looking and feeling annoyed every time I see those valances...

I suppose that is enough random thoughts for tonight.  Off to get the rest of the small fry to bed!

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  1. what a wonderful way to end the evening! I remember laying in bed with Justin till he fell asleep, and Brandon never wanted to sleep! I miss those days. I have a whole bolt of decorator fabric if you are interested in looking at it. I bought it and ended up not using it, so it sits on a self and takes up space!


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