Thursday, April 1, 2010

Blue Flowers

I grew up in the house directly behind the one we now inhabit.  Every year in late March/early April, a carpet of blue flowers would show up in the yard and, after about a week, disappear as mysteriously as they had come.   Due to the fact that my birthday falls on April 12, I began to see the "blue flowers" as my own personal birthday gift, a fanfare to the arrival of my upcoming birthday.  They are wild and grow all through the yard, and I was allowed to pick as many as I wanted.  I remember making daisy chains with them and playing "flower shop" with my sister and cousins.  Now that I'm all grown up, I love to enjoy the beautiful bouquets of blue that my girls bring in to me during that magical week when the blue flowers are here.

view from our path

F's favorite color is blue

D getting a closer look

Close up of the blue flowers, officially named Scilla.

First day warm enough for bare baby feet!

Here ya go, Mama!


I've been thinking about actually stocking my store...and making things in preparation for that.  This is a little something I came up with.  Still need buttons for the shoes and jacket.

Tonight we are going to the Maunday Thursday church service as a family.  Big J is working on Easter Sunday and we aren't yet sure if we will be able to attend church as a family.  As difficult as it is, we know we are so blessed that he has a wonderful job in our current economic climate.  Even if he does have to miss Easter.

I hope you all have a wonderful Holy Week!


  1. I would love it if you stocked your store! We haven't ventured into wool yet, but I think I am going to need some to scratch my fluffy itch! heheh!

  2. Wool can be quite the cloth diaper addiction! I am working on a few things for the store currently. I think I will start with small "sample sizes" just like designers use, and mostly work doing customs based on the styles offered in the sample sizes...for example, you see a skirty you like and message me for a custom of your very own!


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