Sunday, April 11, 2010

I wake up to a mess.  Cheerios litter the floor beneath the ancient wooden highchair, dishes stack in the sink.  A dilapidated tower of laundry slumps to the side.  Random toys guiltily gaze at me from where they've been left out of place.  This morning takes a deep breath and a dark warm cup to face.

Then I remember the dinner shared with my children's grandparents, the games afterward, Grandpa's magic tricks and long talks with Grandma, holding my babies close and brimming over with smiles.  How we walked back late down that path that he laid by hand just to see grandchildren tripping homeward.  Pouring dozing small ones into beds, quietly closing the doors.  Thinking on how good it all was that we are all together.  Come what may.

I didn't clean up the house.  I sat on the couch, hugged knees to chest until my own head bobbed and it was time for me to turn in.  I took a break.  This morning's mess is testimony to the fact that mama's don't GET least not without consequences.  But I can remember my full heart last night, and it all seems so very worth it.

Wishing you a warm heart full of gratitude this lovely April day.


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