Tuesday, April 20, 2010


mull 2

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v. mulled, mull·ing, mulls

To go over extensively in the mind; ponder.

To ruminate; ponder: mull over a plan.

Today my head is swollen with thoughts, both cheerful and sad, private and otherwise.  I'm just turning things over and over in my mind until it seems to  spin.  Ever have a day when you just couldn't seem to get out of your own head?  That is me today.  Thankfully I can keep my hands busy (with garter stitch, so mindless)  while my brain twirls, otherwise I would get nothing accomplished!

thoughtfully yours,



  1. this is me EVERY day so be thankful ;-) way too analytical for my own good.

  2. I mull a lot too. I think it's good brain excersise.


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