Friday, April 16, 2010

A day for breathing

Today I stop and breathe.  I shake off the insanity and chaos of the past few days and set my sights once again on simple, intentional rhythms.  This is simply a lull before another crazy week breaks over us all, and it is knowing this that gives me the nudge I need to slow, take stock, focus.   So we get the school work done, take time for creativity, we laugh and hold close and play and sing.  I keep up the rhythm of the home, dishes swishing and fabric flapping on the clothesline.  I'm finding peace today!  Suggesting the husband bring home pizza is also a firm possibility.


Today this is blessing me, Ann at her finest speaking to the heart and mind of this mama.  I am guilty of words that tear down instead of build up, weaken instead of strengthen.  I loved what she had to say.


Here are a few pictures of recent completed projects:

For C, a new addition to our family, we have

Green little old man sweater on cotton with pinecone buttons

close up of buttons

sweater and wee little felt block for C


My little J bean is quite the busy man these days.  I feel like I mostly say "no no honey!" or "J-NOOOOOOOO!" at least 100x a day.  Whether it is courageously going where no man has gone before (aka our scary Michigan basement), dumping over vases of flowers and soaking himself head to toe, or cheerfully smearing the house with chocolate chip hands, he keeps me on my toes and inwardly groaning at each mishap.  But I must say that I am truly enjoying him more than I think I can say any babe before him (sorry, big kids).  I've been acutely aware from day 1 with this one how quickly it all goes - my last little boy almost a whopping 7 years old at this point.  For all his insane busy-ness and obsession with taking off his diaper and showering the wood floor, I adore every moment I have with this precious little one.  And really, who could resist?

me cuddling close for an early morning gobble (sorry such a strange photo, taken by a 3 year old)


This midweek we did manage a few great finds.  A friend of mine came by with several bags and boxes of hand me downs for my girls, and this was our favorite outfit:

It is Hello Kitty and says "rollergirl" - 'nuff said!

I also took a blissful solo-run to Joann's to peruse their 99cent patterns and to pick up buttons for C's sweater and found this at 75% off - a basket to hold toys when they are (illegally) downstairs.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


  1. Love the that sweater pattern, I've made 2 myself and they are just so darn cute! I need to keep up with the blogging, I miss it and love reading yours!


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