Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I'm thankful for

drizzling, dripping, grey mornings in May when everyone else is still snug in their beds and I would be, too, were it not for a small person repeatedly patting my face and coaxing me to consciousness.  Alright, I'm up, I'm up.

I tiptoe downstairs with you in my arms and yawn while I start the coffee maker.  We share a cookie for breakfast (shhh, don't tell anyone) and you run to and fro with that early morning energy that is only present during childhood.  You run to the windows every now and then and clap at the raindrops.  I sip hot coffee and start jotting my hopes and dreams for the day - special things like "Be patient" and "clean out the fridge."

We hear a smattering of pattering feet upstairs and I quickly glug the last bit of coffee.  Everyone else is up and in a moment the day will be running at full force.

For today,

1. Chocolate chips smeared on your face and those chocolate eyes smiling up at me.  Perfection.

2. F's halo of curls surrounding sleepy little face

3. Brilliant emerald grass

4. Highly anticipated play dates

5. Yellow sunshine cup on a grey morning

6. Quiet morning moments

7. A full house bursting at the seams

8. Blinking cursor full of possibilities

9. Creative inspiration everywhere I look

10. Singalongs with F and J

What are you thankful for this dreary morning?


  1. Thankful for old Beatles songs on the radio on the way to drop Gabe off at school, the look on Judah's face when I told him he could wear his beloved yellow rainboots and thankful for the forgiveness of my children.

  2. For the little one who woke me up from my nap (which I never get!) because she is learning to crawl and can't wait to take another crack at it. And for the other two who are blissfully dreaming away while we practice this newfound skill.


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