Thursday, May 6, 2010


I know it has been way too long since I have done a "WIP Wednesday" post, but I am somehow completely incapable of posting on Wednesdays...blame it on the weekend.

I'm currently working on this skirty for Sarah. I first knitted a pair of shorts with a purl row right under the waistband to attach the skirt to. then I picked up stitches at the purl row and Kfb into every stitch for my increases for a full skirt. I knit down a few inches before getting bored and starting a lace pattern. I think it will be cute to see the green shorts under the pink skirt! It reminds me of a little flower. I hope Sarah takes a picture of Miss Jemima in it! For those who don't know what a skirty is, here are the facts: Wool is naturally waterproof and has been used in covers for cloth diapers for years. This skirty is made out of a blend of wool and alpaca and can be lanolinized to use as a cover...but the skirt part is all just for the cute factor.

Next are some little dresses for D and F. F's is from an actual pattern and is mostly finished...I have to attach the ruffle at the bottom and make/attach the lining to the top. D's dress is actually made up. I knit the top from some leftover cotton ease I had and then sewed a long skirt that I am now in the process of attaching. I have some sweet little apple buttons coming in to attach to the front. I hope my girls enjoy them as much as I've enjoyed creating them! I do have leftover fabric from these projects and will probably make some skirts/dresses for the dolls to match.

I couldn't resist these buttons, found on etsy!

In the queue - There are a few projects I am dreaming of even as I am knitting these up. It is never too early to begin Holiday knitting (especially with a family my size!) so I plan to start a February Baby/Girl sweater for each of my daughters. Once those are done I am thinking of a Shalom sweater for my Mama's birthday in December and then finishing up with vests for the boys and possibly one for Daddy too! These are my bigger projects. In between you can bet I will be spending plenty of time knitting up little tiny baby things for little tiny babies and taking any customs that come my way as well. You may be able to tell that I like having several projects going at once, so rest assured there is always something going on over here!


My biggest project in the next week is going to be cleaning and dejunking my kids' rooms.  I am terrified.  All kidding aside, I'm looking forward to creating a more organized and comprehensive system for them.

Today my cousin had a yard sale and I swung by to have a look...of course I returned home with clothes for my girls, how could I not?  I really tried to restrain myself and only buy what they actually need - a few pairs of jeans, a pair of shorts and a sundress for D, and a sundress and another sweet little summer set for F.  Because really, who can say "no" to a dress for a little girl when the price tag is only 75 cents?  Somehow I think I may have made her day....


  1. Ooohhhh!!!!! I totally LOVE IT!!!!! I will take lots of pictures, I promise!!! I can't wait to see her in it!!
    I love the dress too!! So pretty!!!! I wish you were closer! You could knit tops and I could sew skirts and we would have so much fun doing it. :-D

  2. Both are ADORABLE!!! I love the fabric of the dress! I recently bought six yards of fabric in attempt to make a moby wrap. I get lost in it all so now I'm dreaming up of the ideas of how not to "waste" the fabric. I'm thinking throw pillows for our bed and maybe a skirt. The pillows no problem-clothing making-never done before!

  3. There are some great online tutorials for making simple a-line skirts! I think you will be astounded at how simple it is!


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