Monday, June 21, 2010


You know that quilt?  That I started back in February?

It is finally DONE!

This was my very first quilt and as such, full of mistakes and things I would now do differently.  Therein lies the beauty of a first time project: you learn so incredibly much.

I was going for something that my kids could drag around the house, use for forts, for snuggling, for watching movies or reading books on the couch.  I wanted soft and warm fabrics for the ever important snuggle factor.  I also wanted it to be beautiful - something I didn't mind having around.

Anna Maria's Folksy Flannels fit the bill, warm and soft and in such gorgeous prints I had to have them all.  The batting is warm and natural that I bought on discount at Joann fabrics and the backing is blue flannel.

I went out and bought some quilt binding tape in daffodil yellow, thinking it would look fun, but upon bringing it home and pinning it on, I knew it was all wrong.  The yellow was garish instead of whimsical and after all the softness of  the flannel, the edging felt scratchy and unforgiving.  Additionally, after using all prints and no solids in the quilt top, the solid border looked...strange. I looked at a few tutorials online, did some quick math in my head (mom, you were right - multiplication is a necessary skill) and was relieved to realize I had enough of one A.M. print leftover that could be made into binding.  Friday I cut 2.5 in strips. sewed them together, pressed them and voila!  Handmade binding that matches the quilt perfectly.  I followed Oh, Fransson's instructions for attaching the binding and making the perfect metered corners.  I sewed the binding on the first side while the baby napped and then last night finished handstitching the second side.

(it really is square, just hanging funny here)
For a while there I was thinking "this is going to take me for.ever to finish!" but now that it is all done I am a little sad.  While I love quick and easy projects that can be completed in a day, there is a sort of bonding that happens when you work at something a little at a time over months and months.  Thankfully this quilt isn't going anywhere that I can't visit with it from time to time.

I also made this super easy little sundress for F.  Its a first attempt.  Next time I'll use more fabric to make the skirt a little more billow-y, but for now she is enjoying this one just fine.


  1. I love it. My grandma made a quilt for me when I just a baby and I have so many amazing memories with it- using it as a fort, curling up in it when I was sick or there was a thunderstorm outside, bringing it on vacation with me, having picnics and tea parties on it outside- it got so worn over the years but I still have a good chunk of it that I have recently put into a frame so that it stays safe and sound. You are so crafty and creative. Your children will cherish the things that you make them, especially as they grow older and realize how much work and time and love goes into making them. I prefer homemade over storebought anyday.

  2. Lyd - It is beautiful and something that you will treasure for many years. I am sure it will become a family heirloom many many years down the road!

  3. So beautiful! The colors and patterns look so pretty together. It will be treasured by your children. You'd better make more so they don't fight over who gets it one day. :)


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