Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer So Far

Upon returning from an evening spent laughing with friends, refreshing with icy cold drinks and letting kids run willy nilly around the yard with cousins, I put my feet up and thought to myself "phew, this is shaping up to be a busy summer!"

A few years ago I heard a wise woman speak at a MOPS meeting regarding summer vacation.  She shared how, in their family, they had decided to forgo summer over-scheduling in favor of time spent as a family.  While other moms spent their summers taxiing back and forth from soccer and baseball games, she was having family camp on their lovely property.

That idea has stuck with me ever since.  With our traditional "school year" being quite busy and scheduled already (and it will get worse as they get older, this I know!) the thought that summer be left sacred appeals to me more and more.

I love being able to say "yes" as much as possible during these steamy summer days.  Can we fingerpaint outside? Yes!  Can we spend all day in the blow up pool? Yes!  Can we travel on random day trips to see sweet friends?  Yes!  Can we go to the farmer's market? Yes!  Can we explore all the local parks? Yes! Can we go to the dollar movies when things get hot? Yes!  Can we bask in the air conditioning at a museum?  Absolutely!  Can we stay at home and read all day?  Sure!

So when I say that we have been "busy," what I mean is that we have been busy doing the true work of summer - relaxing, playing, learning, growing and doing whatever we want - and enjoying every minute of it!
 Longing to curl up in the shade of a big tree with some really lovely books?  Try these:

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  1. I totally agree with you. I think so many families are over scheduled now and their children don't have time to just explore, have fun, and be free. :) I think it is more important to spend time with family and enjoy all of those special moments of summer than have one hundred places you have to be. Enjoy the rest of summer!


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