Monday, June 14, 2010

Sweating it out

I'm a mid-westerner, through and through.  I like my four seasons carefully compartmentalized - brilliant foliage in autumn, piles of snow in winter, mud and flowers in spring and sunshine and swimming in the summer.  One thing I am not a fan of, however, is humidity.  Although yes, this is Michigan and it doesn't get unbearably hot very frequently, the humidity can rival that of Mississippi (and I can say that because yes, I lived there).

Why is this such a big deal?  Well this dear little grey house, in all its 100 year old charm, does not boast central air.  We use fans.  Fans do nothing about humidity, they just blow the moist air around, making even the cleanest floors feel sticky and giving the whole house this horrible wet feeling.  We do have a window unit that we use on occasion, but wouldn't you know that Daddy hasn't had a chance to put it in yet this year.

That fact had me all but cursing his name on Saturday when I came home from the marathon Little League closing ceremonies/picnic/game drenched in sweat, my hair all a fuzz and my one and only thought being "SHOWER!", only to find the house HOTTER than the temperatures outside.  Or at least the same as outside - just with less breeze.

All this is to say, it has been too hot to work on any projects.  Knitting with wool is making my skin crawl, and although I've begun handquilting a little bit each night, I can only endure sitting beneath a hot flannel quilt for so long before I have to cast it aside, gasping for air.  I have been dreaming of cool linen embroidered curtains and crisp seersucker skirts for the girls, but I'm having a self inflicted supplies purchasing freeze until I finish a few projects.  This all has me in a very creatively frustrated state.  All there is left to do is sip ice cold wine and watch bad summer time television.  At least the former isn't so bad.


I've taken some time to ponder my goals for this summer.  Some years I have big intentions of working out daily and consistently eating healthy, or taking my kids somewhere fun and exciting each week.  This year I've decided to expand on an earlier thought.  This is the summer of:

Being Faithful in the Little Things

Brought on by my post about laundry, I've decided that I need to be more faithful in the little things in life...and maybe then I'll be better prepared to take on the very big things.  How does this manifest out in daily life?  Well, in keeping up with the laundry and dishes.  Staying consistent with reading to the kids each day and working on their summer reading program.  Finishing projects before starting new ones *gulp*, spending time in the Word each day, and being disciplined to work out a bit each week.

Summer, with all its lovely languishing days of lazyness, has in the past had a tendency to be one big wasteland of unfulfilled intention.  This year, the intention is to fulfill the little obligations of life.

What are your goals for this summer?


  1. This isn't like those hospital goals we talked about, right? LOL! Anyway, gosh, I think my goals keep changing. I definately want to read more, be on the computer less, finish Brandon's graduation video. More board games, a little outside time (but I really don't like the hot weather so I'm more of a lay around in the summer type of person). The big kids are painting the upstairs!! Just keeping up on laundry, like you said, and enjoying my time off of homeschooling. :) Definately getting to know you and your family better as you continue to be such an inspiration to me!!!

  2. I have a goal of taking the kids to the lake a couple times a month. Just being with my children and watching them and soaking them up. I get so caught up in clean floors and doing dishes...that I forget my most important job and that is being a mom and not just a cleaning lady. So my goal is to be present.


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