Friday, July 16, 2010

A few things to ponder

Not much to say today, just this:

~I thought Amanda put this beautifully - we all have hard times, good times, truly awful and trying times, and some beautiful times.  Like she has done, I have hoped to make this blog a place to showcase the good - not to pretend that the bad doesn't happen, but to stop short and take stock and appreciate the good when its there - and to cling to it when its not.

~ In sort of related news, one of my favorite writers in the world is finally, finally releasing a beautiful book!  Take notice, those related to me, as you will probably be receiving a copy from me sometime after it is officially released.  This woman inspires me in so many ways.  She truly has a gift and I am so thrilled that it is to be showcased in this way!

~I am in recovery mode from a busy week with out of town guests.  I should be relaxing, but I'm already hatching a new plan for fun!  Namely, a craft night next Friday at the home of yours truly.  Knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking, sewing, some ice cold drinks and yummy treats and lots of talk and laughter.  Doesn't that sound divine?


  1. Every time I read one of your posts, I want to be your next door neighbor. You inspire me and even though you're younger than me, I look up to you. You're a reminder of me always what being a Mom is all about. I want to be able to hang out with you every day. Universe, make it so!

  2. We'd have so much fun! Bill and J would be best friends and our kids would, too! I'd totally move to CA if J could find a job out there...


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