Sunday, July 18, 2010

Good things, all.

~Watermelon drips off baby chins, down bare chests, mingles with sweat and water and adds to the delightful scent of child in summer.

~Knitting winter woolies on hot summer days, the grill sizzles and little people run to and fro in swimsuits.

~Unable to stomach most mainstream "Christian Music," I discover the heartfelt, faith filled songs buried in bluegrass albums that lend themselves to the soundtrack of watering plants and sweeping a days' dust.

~After months of struggling to find the best way to battle/soften/discourage 3 year old whining, I stumble on a solution that makes us both happy - and renders the high pitched yodeling to a place in distant memory

Happy Weekend!


  1. Please share...I have some 4 year old whining that just won't seem to go away :(

  2. I've got a whiny three year old and I need some new tactics. Do share.


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