Friday, April 22, 2011

The Path

{A re-post from the archives today as we set our hearts on the day our Father laid down His all for us}

It was the summer after we moved into the little house behind them that he announced his plans.  "I'm going to make a path."  For weeks it became his daily ritual, changing out of lawyerly attire at the end of the work day and heading outside to his path.  You could see him kneeling in the dirt, trying out different shapes here and there, wiping sweat and grime from his brow all the while.  His progress was marked in a foot here, a yard there, a pieced patchwork of stone. 

A path that leads home.

On the day he finished it, grandkids run up and down over the uneven surface, memorizing every bend and twist while skipping back and forth.

Summer, Winter, Springtime and Fall, we follow the path.  Along the way more babies have come along, two more sets of feet to patter along Grandpa's path to the ultimate destination: a home full of family and love and laughter and warmth.

I can't help but smile when D calls it "my path."

The imagery speaks to me each time I make my way down that dear stone path to my Daddy's house.  A Father laying a path for his children to follow along and make their way home

Do you see it?

Psalm 25
 4 Show me the right path, O Lord;
      point out the road for me to follow.
 5 Lead me by your truth and teach me,
      for you are the God who saves me.


  1. Oh, Lydia, this is so beautiful it is painful! You are a BLESSED woman to have your family near and dear! :)

  2. You forgot the part about him pouring beer from a leftover keg around the area so that the path would have a lovely green moss.

  3. how wonderful to have a reminder to always take the path that leads to your Father's house.

  4. Nikki - unfortunately the moss didn't take...


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