Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Handmade Christmas Update!

Things are going well for my Handmade Holiday! How are things going for yours?

I have both girls' sweaters completely finished (they were waiting for buttons that have now been procured and applied.). Is it silly that I like to open my cupboard just to see them folded nicely, waiting to be wrapped and set under a tree? I can hardly contain my excitement and fantasize about my family wrapped in wool on Christmas morning, all knit up by moi!

I actually ended up making 2 sweaters for F - the first turned out a tad small and I want these sweaters to last quite a while - so she has 1 for fall, 1 for Christmas.

The wool for the boys' sweaters has arrived and is fast taking shape. I've begun little J's which I anticipate being done rather quickly as it is the smallest that I have to make (24 months size).

I failed to order enough yarn for the husband's sweater. I am about 85% finished with it, so I need to order some more to quickly finish it up. This is the one that I am the most nail-biting about. It looks great so far but it just seems so BIG compared with the others - most likely because it is an adult male sweater instead of a small child! I keep measuring and remeasuring to reassure myself and in reality it is coming along just fine. Its just alarming to me to knit something so big!

I'm planning on using assorted scrap yarn to make mittens for my littles. These will probably be last minute knits since they take so little time, so I am putting those on the back burner. I'm planning on making flannel jammie pants for the boys and flannel nighties for the girls but will probably wait until flannel goes on sale around Thanksgiving time. They won't take much time to make and can be turned out rather quickly.

How is your Handmade Holiday going? What are you making this year?


  1. Lol, well Ruby's sweater is done, but has been worn twice as it is perfect sizing for now! So, I have one that I made a while back, jsut swappign it for the christmas sweater. Had to rebuy Ava's since she hates the yellow sweater I made for her :( Judah's is almost done and gabe's has yet to get a pattern picked out. Lol.
    Yours have turned out darling! I want to see a pic of J's sweater!

  2. Are you making one for Joe? I can't wait to see Judah's!! I don't have a pattern picked for Ben's, either, but I think it will end up being a mini-seamless hybrid so he can look cool like daddy :-).


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