Tuesday, August 17, 2010

School Approaching!

We did a "test" of a school day yesterday - it went well. By 1130 we were all outside enjoying the day, wondering why we haven't kept up with it all summer like we (I) said we would.

Then I get online this morning and read Ann's post, or, more accurately, drool over her photos. Its taking every ounce of strength on my part not to burn with envy over her beautiful homeschool room - and feel incredibly sorry for myself that I don't have one.

I love our little house - dining room and living room, small kitchen are it for downstairs and then 3 bedrooms and a miniscule bathroom upstairs. Our kids are small, so cramming 6 people into (almost) 1200 sq. ft is still feasible. I like how close we are. I like that we don't have space for lots of stuff, so we don't HAVE lots of stuff. I'm thankful that we live here. I love that we are right behind my parents and that our little 100 year old home isn't a cookie cutter subdivision house. Its unique, quirky and just fine.

But I don't have a school room.

I don't even have a family room that can be made over into a school room. Our dining room doubles for school and laundry and mama's crafting addiction. As a result, everything has to be hauled out and put away each time we do something different. Or, more accurately, it doesn't get put away because oh I'm going to work on that more later so I'll just leave it out...(famous last words) and suddenly everything is a huge jumble of knitting and sewing, school books, paintings, laundry and lunch dishes. Oy.

This was a grumpy post. I was going to write about how excited I am about starting school up again, but those photos really stopped me short.

This is me, envious.


  1. Actually, I am envious of YOU. With a larger home, there is SO much more to keep up with. The kids are never near and you feel like you run four miles a day just hauling and shoveling "stuff" from one end of the house to the other. You have more bathrooms to clean and SO much more to vacuum, mop and dust. Most homes have bugs like spiders and the larger the home the more overwhelming to keep down the webs and their hiding places. What I wouldn't give to have less to clean and take care of while I am in the midst of raising small children. How I wish I were around more for them and less frustrated by the never ending, overwhelming tasks of the day with too much home and yard. I am in the process of just turning my back on many things in order to be there for them more fully. The larger home has many, MANY down sides and I wish, wish, WISH our home was smaller. I remember a post of yours about inspiration and the Little House Books were behind it. I too love that series and the overwhelming theme of it was the closeness of that family. Stuff was of no importance in the end. The family bonds were what lasted. A "little" house has far more benefits for family living, I can attest to this. You know where everyone is. You get to spend more time running after your children and not stuff. You spend less time having to clean up all that space... I am envious of you. If you recall where Laura, Mary and Carrie did their studies. It was right there at the kitchen table next to Ma while she did her handwork. :) Be blessed today in your sweet home full of life and wonder. Revel in the blessing of it, how God placed you especially there so you can focus more on mothering and schooling and how you GET to keep things simple while so many pull their hair out in frustration over too much space to keep up with and too much stuff crammed inside of it. The best education is that of being right there with them and tending more to them that belongings. Those investments are eternal. You are doing such a good job and are an inspriation to me!

  2. Thank you so much for the encouragement! After thinking about it a bit, I know there is quite a bit we could change around here to keep things more organized while also keeping them easily accessible for daily use. I need to focus on the things I can change and not sweat the things I cannot!

    Also, thank you for grace when I was such an ugly green monster ;-)

  3. I know how challenging it can be! I home schooled two of my sons at the kitchen table! But we kept things simple and it worked out well! They are both grown...and very successful young men so I am happy I did it. I know you'll enjoy the year once you get into your routine. Did you get my emails? I hope so! Thanks! ♥

  4. I read an article somewhere about this. I have a small dining room table in a room that doubles as an office/project room so I was interested. The article suggested a cart that can roll over to the table and be stowed either away from the table or under it. Inside the cart would be crafts, homework, etc. Just stash and roll. Wonder if that helps?

  5. I'm having trouble picturing it, Nichole...do you have a link? It does sound promising!

  6. Ack, sorry, I could not find the exact one after 45 minutes of searching! But it was along these lines http://www.scrap-masters.com/storagecartdoublewidewith12drawers155lx255wx26h-p-213856.html with a drop leaf.

  7. Wow, I think anyone would be envious after seeing those pictures! Her schooling room is amazing!!!


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