Thursday, September 30, 2010

Christmas Knitting

Here is an overdue post on Christmas knitting/WIP.

I was browsing some unrelated patterns on Ravelry when I came across this free pattern.  I have always wanted to make a crochet ripple blanket but don't possess the skills or patience to learn needless to say I was excited to find this knitted version.  I'm using scraps from my stash.  (For some reason the photo keeps rotating.  My apologies).

Here is Ben's Christmas sweater, the last of my sweater knitting for the kids (Jason's still needs to be finished).  I think I'll be able to finish it tonight!  It is so exciting when you finally start knitting on the sleeves and it begins looking like an actual garment!

Jonah's is finished.  I never before realized how "Robin Hood" this looked.  Both are knit with 3ply purewool, so dreamy soft and wonderful to wear and work with!

Once I'm done with this, I'm starting on mittens for the clan.  I'm thinking of doing a mitten/hat giveaway on here at some point as well so stay tuned!

What are you working on? 
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  1. Cute! I got real selfish and started knitting a blue sweater for myself, lol. And I am LOVING it! I am doing 3 pairs of custom longies, another pair for a swap and I still have judah's sweater to finish as well, lol. Then I will start on a few winter hats and possibley mittens.

  2. That sounds perfect!! Where do you get your custom longies orders from? I am so out of that loop but would love to do it again. I am afraid that I won't get to knitting my own sweater until Winter is half over! C'est la vie...

  3. Lol...Sara-I'm crocheting a blue sweater for myself!
    Also working on....
    a ruffle dress for Kerrison
    two pairs of socks
    a Snuggie for Andrea
    some jewlery
    a stuffed purple octopus
    the infamous lavender dress (that will never be done)

    PLus I have a whole stack of patterns and projects in mind that have to be gotten to someday!

    ~mary M.


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