Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A few of my Favorite Things! :Kid Clothing Edition:

We buy most of our clothing second hand, or get hand me downs from friends (THANK YOU to everyone who has handed us clothes! Such a blessing!!)  Still I have a few "favorite" items that work well for our family.  Here we go:

Polo shirts for boys.  My boys don't mind wearing them, and they always look like a million bucks.  Wear with jeans, chinos, whatever.  They even look nice enough to wear to church, in my opinion.  You can never have too many Polos.

Jeans from The Children's Place for the girls.  I started getting these when D was 2 years old and was hooked.  They are high quality and each pair we have has lasted through 2 very active little girls.  These are one thing that I have been known to buy new (when on sale), but can also be found at resale stores for around $3.  The fit is fabulous, and they look great even when handed down.

Land's End Boots.  Ohmygoodness.  My cousin has handed these down to my son a few times and I love them!  I found a blue pair at a thrift store for $1.50 last Spring and bought them even though I had no one in that size at the time.  They are THAT GOOD.  The velcro on both sides helps get a great fit, and they are snuggly warm and easy for kids to put on themselves.  They are on clearance RIGHT NOW at  Get them.  You won't regret it!

Hoodies.  It doesn't really matter the brand, I go for all cotton, but we love hoodies here.  I try to buy them in gender neutral colors so they can be handed down to children regardless of gender (gray, navy, red, black all good colors).  Perfect for layering in the winter or wearing as a jacket in Spring/Fall.  A family must-have

Cloth diapers.  I know, I know - not everyone is interested in this one.  I've used all sorts of diapers - fitteds with covers, prefolds with covers, pockets and all in ones, snapped or with velcro.  I find that every baby hits different stages when different dipes work best.  At the moment I am LOVING Bum Genius Organic One Size All in Ones (a mouthful there, huh?)

What about you?  What do you love for Kids' Clothing?  What are some must haves in your family? 

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  1. We love Bum Genius cloth diapers here too.

    For clothing, we try to catch our church yard sale each year and then keep an eye on clearance at WalMart, etc. I have one daughter who hates pants, refuses any jeans, and honestly prefers dresses in any weather (she's 9). She'll do leggings if there is no other option, but even knee deep in snow she would rather do a dress. The other 4 are not so picky.

  2. My 3 year old daughter is more of a dress girl as well, though sometimes I can convince her to wear jeans underneath! I love Land's End playdresses for her when I can find them second hand!

  3. We buy second hand I have never been blessed with any hand-me-downs, so jealous. But I am quite picky as I have discovered what things I am willing to spend any money on. All trila and error sadly. It is based on what fabrics wash up and lst, what shoes fit and wear longest etc.
    Brands I prefer
    Lands End
    Hanna Andersson (so comfy and live-in-able I know that isn't a word)
    L.L Bean for coats and such
    Oshkosh, boy things over their girl items

    We search high and low for Lands End knit dresses and buy any size I can find up to an 8 or 10 for Averie.
    Lands End boots, I second that, I search for them.
    Gap jeans in any size up to 8, they have always fit my kids so nicely and wear well.
    I buy jeans/khakis etc all year round in up to 2 sizes too big so I have a bin always full of the next size up pants. I do the same with shoes, so when we have a sudden growth spurt I am semi-prepared. That helps so much. I have my list of resale, thrift, and clearance shops that I check weekly. I get on their email lists and get coupons, early-bird sales etc to save a bit extra. I shop the thrift stores and buy the ticket color of the week.
    Buy winter coats after Christmas for the next year etc. Thankfully, I feel like I can be a bit pickier with the items we have found that we LOVE when I buy a little year round. Yard sales and cheapo finds are blessings for sure! And I have often been thankful for the pants/shoe bins when my kids shot up sizes and we were tight on money. Anway, got carried away, lol. It does take a bit of time, wading through junk and $$ here and there more often, but it pays in the long run.

  4. A lot of the same things you have really! Polos (Matt is a teacher so these work for him for everyday), Anything that zips for me since we are still in the throes of nursing, and for Jack, he hates clothes for the most part. But he does love his one pair of minnetonka moccasins.

  5. Sara - you sound so organized - I need to get better at this! I second the land's end dresses and Hanna Anderrson. You are so right about some fabrics lasting and some just NOT. Fiona has one HA dress she is on the 3rd year wearing - its now a bit short so she wears it over jeans, but the colors are as bright as the day we brought it home - used!

    We also have a shoe/boot bin. The handmedowns are coming less and less as the kids get older so I'm trying to get more organized with this. It also appeals to me to have less clothes but higher quality - 3 pr. jeans per child is plenty in my book!


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