Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Authenticity: What I DIDN'T Do Today

As I delve a bit deeper into this blog world, I am impressed with the other blogging Mamas I come in contact with. They keep organic gardens, sew their children's clothes, homeschool, work, write, network, knit, volunteer with various organizations, always have a gourmet meal prepared for dinner and look like supermodels. Right?

It is so very important to understand that no one really has it all together.  Everyone has those days when nothing you need to do seems to get accomplished, the kids are horrific and you just want to bury yourself back in bed and never come out again (unless someone coaxes you out with chocolate).

Blogs, facebook statuses and tweets are all snapshots.  Anyone can frame a picture to look amazing, even in the midst of a mess.  Sometimes we need that frame to see the beauty in daily life (and be thankful).  But sometimes it is important to acknowledge that yes, this is a disaster and I'm not sure how to claw my way out of it. 

Last week on my facebook, spurred by a status I put up about getting things accomplished while on the phone, something great happened.  A bunch of my friends decided to be authentic about their lives...and it was truly a bonding experience.  One by one we admitted - I haven't had a shower today, I have no idea what to make for dinner, my laundry is a mountain range, I'm still in pajamas and other such truths that all of us can relate to at one point or another.  And guess what?  It made me feel  GREAT.

What if we took time to admit to one another that we don't have it all together.  What then?  Would it be possible for the anxiety and perfectionism that so plagues parenthood to lessen a bit?

It is with that in mind that I'm introducing "What I Didn't Do Today."  This is where you can come to laugh and cry about the disasters in life that we all face - and gain a little perspective too.

You can comment with your "What I Didn't Do...", or write your own post and link back here. 

So ladies, let's start the discussion - what DIDN'T you do today?
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  1. haha i posted something very similar today! Then came over here and ta-da! You were thinking along the same lines...just much more eloquently.

    What I didn't do...

    the laundry.
    the dishes.
    make the bed.

  2. Oh girl - yesterday I was too lazy to unload the dishwasher so the sink filled with dishes. I found myself getting all indignant every time I saw them like hey, why are you still in there?

    I have several baskets of folded laundry that have been sitting around the house for weeks, forcing us all to get dressed out of them instead of our empty dresser drawers.

    My upstairs is so messy I think I would die if anyone ever saw it - yet have no motivation to get it cleaned up!

    I haven't showered and might not.

    My room looks like a bomb went off.

    You'd think I'd get off the internet and do something about it...but not quite yet...

  3. Hey even though my post today wasnt technically a "What I didnt do today", I linked over so people could see what you had to say about the topic! Hope thats ok!

  4. Bekah thank you so much! I love being linked! :-)

  5. Well, I didn't take care of the boxes of winter clothes that have been sitting in the kid's rooms for the last several days...
    I also didn't finish cleaning my own room, again....

  6. Hi I came over from Jacks' mom...My favorite cartoon from the New Yorker is...there are two dogs typing on the dog says "On the internet no one ever knows you are a dog"....we all make up our little stories...cute post...


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