Friday, December 17, 2010

Handmade Christmas - Elving

One of the things I love about making gifts for my family at Christmas is that it requires very little shopping. While getting out in the crowds and jumble may be a favorite Christmas activity for many, I would much rather sit in my snug little house.  I find this to be especially true on the years when I am incubating a little someone.  I like to pass Advent and Christmas in my own warm little place, with a bit of candlelight, lots of peace and maybe some softly playing music.  Delightfully, creating gifts absolutely requires staying in. 

This has been quite a week for "Elving," to borrow the term from Soulemama.  Although I was a bit burned out by the one knitting project I took along on our trip (so much so that I hardly touched it on the drive home!), I was quickly bolstered in my resolve and ambition when we arrived home.  I made a quick and painless trip to the craft store, and spent a few days frantically creating.

To be honest, I kind of wish I had taken my time, because now I am largely done and it was so fun I almost wish it wasn't over.  I do have a few knitting projects to finish up, so that will have to keep me happy.  With the remaining Christmas, I hope to work with my littles on some things they can be involved with - baking cookies and clay ornaments to take around the neighborhood.

This week I finished up the waldorf dolls for the girls, including making dresses and pantaloons and aprons for them.  I began a little felt Totoro for Joboy, but I need some black felt to complete him, so he is waiting in the wings.  I have 4 little hats waiting for 4 little heads, and 3 sweaters with 1 just needing sleeves before being wrapped up.

Today I do need to go out and run around and find a few surprises for the stockings, but rest assured by nightfall I will be happily back in my little home, enjoying the sights and sounds and smells of the season as it plays out right here.

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1 comment:

  1. Hi!
    I just wanted to leave a comment letting you know that through reading your handmade Christmas posts, you encouraged me to order a Waldorf doll kit and make one for my daughter. :) I ordered it from Weir Crafts {today actually} and cannot wait until it arrives and get started on it!
    I love reading your blog and don't comment as often as I should!
    Have a blessed day and thanks again for the inspiration! :)


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