Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Shoveling in the Snowstorm

I'm wiping the table down for what feels like the 10th time today.  A quick glance at the clock reveals it is only 1130.  How is that possible?  It feels like I have already done so much, but a look around the house shows there is so much more to accomplish.

I could spend my life doing nothing else but straightening up this house.

The truth is, I never really get "there" - to that place of sparkling cleanliness.  More often than not, I visit the land of "good enough."  With days like mine, packed with children and schooling and meals and mess and moments, its a wonder we aren't knee deep in dust more often.

Maybe you've heard the saying "cleaning when you have small children is like shoveling during a snowstorm."  Maybe you, like me, chuckled and shook your head, amazed at what an accurate analogy that is.

It can be incredibly frustrating, watching your hard work be carefully and intentionally undone  Sometimes it is more than I can take.

Yesterday a friend reminded me of something.  I was talking of cleaning and holidays and stress, and she gently reminded me: Jesus chose a stable.

God could have had his child born in the 5 star hotel of the day, if that is really what he wanted - but he didn't.  He didn't choose a spotlessly clean home with all the modern amenities available at the time.  He chose a place so ordinary, almost extraordinarily plain, dirty, common.

He sent his Son to a plain place and plain people.

He knew that these lives of ours, they are a mess.  And He came anyway.

He can and will come into our homes even when the laundry pile is threatening an avalanche, and those urchins of ours desperately need baths.  He comes to us when the dishes didn't get done and the bathroom mirror is all smudgy.  He longs for us to spend time with Him, not preoccupied with unattainable housekeeping perfection.

This house, it will probably never be more than "good enough."  But where He is, that ground is Holy. 

Praying for perspective today!!

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  1. Thank YOU for the perspective you provided today! Beautiful! :o)

  2. I love it, I love it, I LOVE IT! Thank you for sharing this. It is one of those I want to print and post on my fridge for a minute to minute reminder. Your gift of being able to verbalize where we are as mom's is a precious one. Thank you so much!


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