Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Why Handmade

Its late at night, everyone upstairs snug in bed, and down here I'm sitting cross-legged in the glow of the Christmas tree, bent over a needle and thread.  I do a mental count down of the days left til' Christmas and tally the projects left to complete.  In a season where most people spend their evenings running from store to store, snatching dolls and toys and clothes off racks, I'm here in my peaceful little home with snowflakes floating all around, making things for my littles.

I could click my mouse online and have a doll ordered in a second, walk into any store and find sweaters in my kids' sizes anywhere, quickly purchased, wrapped and set aside.  So why spend the time, effort, and yes money on handmade?

Its hard to explain.  I've got this bag of clean, pure, natural wool next to me, and every time I grab a little bit, I inhale: springtime, clover, sunshine, lambs.  I cup a little ball and it warms in my hand, this miraculous natural fiber that takes on a life of its own, it seems.  A bit of wool, a bit of fabric, a needle and thread, some yarn and suddenly there is a little person sitting there with me - not just a doll.  Something I created especially for someone I care about - someone I envisioned and brought about.  These dolls won't be finding their way to the donation pile - ever.  Even in their imperfect state, they are special - made by Mom, different than the dolls lining the toy store shelves, identical and perfect.

After two nights on the couch, hunched over needle and thread, all done.  Ready to be set under the Christmas tree, waiting for one special little girl to love.

I'm not sure why it matters to me, but it does.  And maybe someday it will matter to them, too.  But even if it never does, I don't think I'll ever regret spending these quiet moments working on things for the people I love the best.

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  1. Loved this!
    There are no handmade gifts this year in our house because we're in a huge transition time but I can't wait to start planning in summer for the Christmas time handmade gifts.

  2. I loved this post! I, too, love making handmade gifts. Would love to see the doll you made since I am thinking of making one for my little girl and have been searching for a pattern I like...I am not so good at creating a pattern off the top of my head! :)
    And you are soo right...handmade gifts never get donated. I still have a "pound puppy" that my mom sewed for me when I was little as well as a knitted Strawberry Shortcake from my Grandma. They will never leave! :)

  3. Wonderful!! I love the way the wool makes you feel. Wool is the best!! Please post some pics of your wonderful creation. :)

  4. This year, my family and I are trying out some "handmade/homemade" gifts...My daughter is learning a song on the piano that her brother loves, which she will play for him; My son is decorating a notebook for his sister to use for her writing, something she loves to do; My husband and I are creating a play kitchen for the kids out of boxes, duck tape and various odds & ends for both the kids, who love playing house and pretending. I already feel the satisfaction and wonder of these simple yet heartfelt gifts. Merry Christmas!


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