Tuesday, January 11, 2011

5 Tips for Surviving Winter

We've been wintering here, and it has been divine. Winter is far from my favorite season, this year I've been trying to be more fully here, and less looking ahead to what comes along next. No easy feat when Spring, my very favorite of all seasons, is next on the agenda.

Still, I've managed to find a few things that are not only getting me through the winter, but boosting my enjoyment of this frosty season as well.

#1: Soup.  I would eat soup daily in the winter, if given the chance.  My family is mostly putting up with my soup-y obsession, and only once did I hear a sigh last night at dinner - "soup AGAIN?"  Thankfully my delicious creamy broccoli soup quickly silenced the nay sayer.  Soup is more than just a food - it is pure comfort.  Pair with bread or a biscuit dripping in butter, and you have one of the most delicious meals there is, in my opinion.  My soups are largely made - up and usually dependent on what I have on hand.  Some are healthy, some not so much.  I have been experimenting a lot more with vegetarian options (without telling my meat-a-saurus husband, of course) and have been delighted with the result. 

#2: Winter reading time.  While reading is wonderful any time of the year, and what could be better than stretching out on a quilt in the backyard in summer, I've come to love my time spent snuggling my littles under the quilt - all a jumble of arms and legs and all listening intently.  Last night I introduced my children to "The Happy Hollisters" - a family mystery series I loved when I was little.  Add a steaming pot of tea and there is nothing better.

#3: Indoor Play: In the summer, my children spend most of the time playing their own made up games outside.  With the cold weather forcing everyone inside for most the day, we are finding ourselves rediscovering toys and games and really enjoying them again.  From "Guess Who?" tournaments to historically inaccurate Army men battles, we are discovering endless ideas for indoor play.

#4: Knitting: of course knitting.  And yes, knitting is on the list for each and every season of the year - but especially in Winter.  Burying myself beneath my flannel quilt on the couch and setting my mind to busting the enormous wool stash (it counts as decluttering!) by making sweet things - well, its the best of life right there.

#5: Baking: I know that, come July, I will not be turning on the oven for any reason ( no air conditioning can do that to a person...) so I am relishing the additional warmth in my kitchen now by baking for no reason at all.  Brownies and cookies and cakes just because.  The house smells good, the kids a crummy mess of chocolatey goodness.  Perfection.

Hope you are enjoying this winter as much as we are!

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  1. LOVED the Happy Hollisters as a kid :) Second only to the Bobbsey Twins of course :) And what is that cute little yellow woolly number that's on your needles? I need to stop casting things on and finish a few up! Also, I have found a good "base" for soup and have alot of fun adding on to it. Joe's a carnivore in a large way but even he has commented he didn't miss the meat when it's a hearty soup of lentils, veggies, etc. Good thing I married a soup man!

  2. Wonderful post! I too have been enjoying this winter a bit more. Lots of imaginative play over here! Plus I too am trying to stash bust and work my fingers off crocheting...lol.
    I am NOT a soup eater, but I feel you on the baking. I made a cobbler the other day on a whim...it was soon devoured which just makes me gosh darn happy!

  3. My mom and I always have some type of soup, stew, or chili on hand! Right now we have Southwestern soup, and French Crab Shrimp Bisque. YUM.

    Love your blog!


  4. I am a lover of soup in the winter months as well. Nothing says "comfort food" better than a steaming bowl of homemade soup. Broccoli cheddar is a favorite around here as well as Wedding and Vegetable Beef.
    Reading is a wonderful, relaxing, way to help pass the winter months.
    Enjoy these precious times with your kids.
    BTW, I never read the Happy Hollisters series and am now extremely curious.Definitly going to check them out at the library for my kids!

  5. Yes to all five. I especially like when I can combine a few at a time.


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