Monday, January 10, 2011

{Happy Winter}

"Happy Winter!
Rise and Shine
I love the early morning time
My sister snuggles close to me
two bugs in a rug, we laugh and see
how frosty patterns look like lace
each window has its special face."

I love the book "Happy Winter" by Karen Gundersheimer.  It was a favorite of mine as a little girl.  It follows two sister through a happy winter's day - snuggling together, yummy breakfast, dressing snug and heading outdoors, fun indoor play, baking with Mama, reading, bathing and then bedtime, all told in a sweet rhyme.  It is a lovely book.  This year I wanted to give it as a gift to my girls for Christmas, but had quite a time tracking it down.  I'm not sure, but it looks like it is out of print.  I was fortunate to find a used Library copy on for $2.50, so even though it has a few library stamps in it, we are so pleased to have it.  I've read it at least once each day since Christmas as all my kids seem interested - and who am I kidding, I simply love it.

It is so precious to me to share special aspects of my childhood with my children.

What is your favorite Winter book?

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  1. I'm visiting from incourage...thanks for the book recommendation. Have a great week.


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