Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fun Valentine's Crafts

We don't really "celebrate" Valentines, but that doesn't mean we can't make fun crafts! This year we've been playing with felt. I made a felt heart garland, and the kids have been making little felt heart pillows. This is what we did:

Small Felt Pillows/Ornaments

You'll need:
craft felt in the colors that you want
Something to stuff them with - we used wool, but you can use polyfill
Embroidery floss
Embroidery needle

I cut out hearts and pinned them together, threaded a needle and gave it to my older two.  Once they had sewed 75% around, we took out the pins and stuffed the heart.  When stuffing is complete, they finished sewing.  You can make a little loop with embroidery floss at the top if you want to be able to hang them!

I'd say this craft is appropriate for ages 3-up.  My 3 year old did a great job with the sewing.  I held the felt for her and she sewed around it.  Older ages will be able to do it on their own.  Just be sure everyone is extra careful with the sharp needle points!

For the heart garland, I cut out about 28 hearts in pinks and reds.  I embroidered a few, but this is not necessary.  Once your hearts are ready and you have them lined up the way you want them, head over to the sewing machine.  You are going to sew through all the hearts without stopping in between, a continuous seam across all of the hearts.  You can make several to hang in doorways or windows, or hang it on your mantel like we did.

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  1. Great ideas! Looks so pretty on your mantle too. Have a wonderful day :)

  2. I love these! Next week we are reading a book, "The Day it Rained Hearts" and I was planning on making a heart mobile and was going to use paper hearts. Instead, I think I'll have my daughter stuff and sew some to hang. Fun!


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