Thursday, January 27, 2011

Just Another Day

B is subtracting, humming and talking to himself, I hear snippets here and there "...9 take away 5 isssssssss....4."

F is launching herself off the staircase, the side with no railing.  Her Laura Ashley print corduroy explodes like a parachute each time, much to her satisfaction, hair flying behind her.  Her bare feet smack the steps: pat pat pat pat, thump.  Pat pat pat pat, thump.

D is in the bathroom,  looking in the mirror and practicing a made up Aria.  She reminds me of my sister Est, accomplished in the art of vibrato long before most children give up on nursery songs.  I check on her to make sure she's not getting into my makeup.  She brushes her hair and trills at me.

Joboy is alternating eating grapes and dropping them methodically here and there, only to zoom over them a moment later on his little push car.  They squish and leave little sticky patches, deflated purple skins.

I'm in my chair, knitting and watching it all unfold, giving help to the mathematician where needed and sipping tea.  Soup bubbles on stove top and bread rises nearby.

Just another morning, just another day.

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  1. Hi Lydia,

    Would you consider doing a post on homeschooling the younger "grades" like K-2 sometime? I would love to hear how you go about that. I have a 5, 3 and 1 year old and am finding it tough to get things off the ground. Is there a good curriculum you have found works nicely with Thanks!

  2. Hello Rebecca!

    I will definitely try and formulate a post about younger learning. I actually just had a conversation with a friend about this the other day!! I personally feel that making too big a deal out of learning before the age of 6 is a mistake. Natural learning (through reading and pointing out letters and numbers, counting together) is perfect for this age, but trying to get a 5 year old to sit and do a bunch of worksheets can lead to them detesting learning for life. I would relax a bit and just enjoy being with your littles!


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