Thursday, February 24, 2011

February Footwear

Last week we had a bit of a warm up.  The temps soared to the low 50's, the snow melted, little people pulled on rain boots and sloshed through mud and puddles; bigger people pulled hibernating bikes from the darkness of the barn and rode for hours at a time.  We all knew it was one big massive false start to Spring, but we couldn't help but get a bit giddy.

On the third and final day of higher temperatures, I got an itch - the kind that absolutely must be scratched.  I called up my cousin Libby, explained the dire situation, and shortly thereafter she pulled into the driveway in her fancy new Jeep.

Roughly an hour later, she dropped me off again, this time with a bag holding a skein of sock yarn and new dpns (I left the evidence of my milkshake in her car so my little people wouldn't get angry).  I went inside, sat down and knit.

A pair of socks, in February, because I live in the Midwest and very well may be wearing these same socks well into May.

As if to affirm my decision, the next day we got another 10 inches of snow.

There's one way to live happily within the moment: make yourself fabulous footwear.

I used the sock calculator over at the Knitting Fiend, made mine with 4 inch cuffs.  Simple, no patterning, just a basic sock quickly made for the pure enjoyment of it.  And best of all, they are for me!

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  1. I want to learn to knit socks! I wish you lived closer so you could teach me!! I really want a pair of yoga socks and pedi socks...and a fun pair like you have. I have a skein of yarn and needles....hmmmm...fingers have NO CLUE, though!

  2. This is one thing I have been wanting to learn to do since starting to knit! CUTE the colors. May have to try out that calculator you suggested. :)

  3. Awesome socks!! What yarn did you use? I love the variegated colors in it!

  4. Oh the socks are so sweet. You know I'm always up for a trip to the yarn store. I will expect you to return the favor sometime soon.
    knitpicks order this weekend?

  5. Whoops Lib, I meant to link you! Done now :-)

  6. I love them, do you ever sell them? I would purchase a few let me know if you are up to it. From a reader in Oregon

  7. Beautiful socks! I wish I could knit. I tried, and did make a blanket though it ended up more a trapezoid than a rectangle. :)


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