Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Knitting For A Miracle

Sometimes, you pray for something for years before it comes about.  Sometimes, it never does.  But there are also times where you get to experience a miracle first hand  - years of prayers and tears being answered in one miraculous act of God that is so much better than you could have ever scripted.

Its times like this that you can look back and see oh, that is what He was planning!  Like a parent carefully planning a surprise party, he doesn't just give you what you want all the time - sometimes He saves up for something really big to bless you with.

My best friend of 16 years has had a miracle of that magnitude happen to her - and I am whirling from the excitement of watching it unfold along with her.

A miracle baby, a girl - prayed for for years, now soon arriving.

I respond in the way I know how: overflowing prayers of gratitude, and knitting.

I knit this sweater in a little more than a day.  It is one of my favorite newborn patterns, Seamless Kimono by Sweet Mama Small Sugar (I dressed Joboy almost exclusively in sweaters from this pattern as a newborn!).  I had enough of this delicious yarn ("Capulet" dyed by Lollytree Yarn) to make a wee hat as well, using SMSS's "Small Things Bonnet" pattern.  I attempted booties as well, but ran out of yarn half way through the second one.

I love the way it turned out.


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  1. Oh my word, Lydia! What a gorgeous set for a precious baby girl! I wanted to knit sweaters for my little ones before, but seeing this makes me want to get on the needles right now! Absolutley precious. Your friend is truly blessed to have you!

  2. Amy - Thank you! I love knitting for newborns - it goes so quickly and really doesn't use much yarn - which leaves me the ability to purchase higher quality, more beautiful hand-dyes!

  3. That is beautiful. What a blessing in both the baby and the friendship.

  4. The set is beautiful. Mel is truly blessed to have you for such a wonderful friend!


  5. My own little girl was longed for and prayed for and did not come to us easily so this definitely hits home with me! I'm coming over from in-courage today where I was literally fighting tears reading your post. I needed it! I'm a new follower to your blog and would love it if you get a chance to pop over and say 'hi' sometime. My sister and I just launched a new blog together (after having our own individual ones) and we are so enjoying meeting new folks! :-)

  6. Beautiful-the product and the creator. Came here frpm (in)courage. Thanks for your post Lydia. I needed that.



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