Saturday, February 12, 2011



Weekends are for late breakfasts, chats with my Mom over coffee, stomps through melting snow and sunshine with my littles, a small person self weaning and taking a bold step away from babyhood and onward toward childhood. Weekends are for brownies baking, couch snuggling, snow fort building.

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Monday is my "weekend." (Life is a little different when you are married to a shift worker.) Except it will be the usual morning bustle of getting 1 off to school, 1 off to programs, and dragging the poor baby along. We have to do some different non-weekend traditions around here. Like Friday nights my husband works is Movie Pizza night. Sometimes we make our own, sometimes order in. The kids get to pick the movie and we may have a popcorn snack before bed. Makes for an easy dinner night for mommy after long week.
    Sure makes me appreciate being raised by a single mom A LOT more.

  2. My husband is a shift worker too! His weeekends are Sundays and Mondays. They used to be Wednesdays and Thursdays! Homeschooling has helped so much in being flexible and ensuring our children get time with him <3

  3. I always met weaning with mixed emotions. A couple of mine I weaned three months before a younger sibling was to be born because I had tandem nursed the first two and was not ready to do that again. But the nursing relationship is so sweet and special. Sounds like you all are having a great weekend. I'm visiting from {in}courage community as a new follower.

  4. Welcome, Jenny! I've never been one to tandem nurse - so my babies have been weaned a month or so before the new baby comes. We are expecting #5 in June. I think this was surprising for me because I would have let him nurse longer - until May, possibly, but he began the weaning process on his own.


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