Monday, February 28, 2011

Why I Love Mondays

On Mondays, I wake to an assorted crew of kids snuggling in wherever they can fit on our Queen sized bed. A normal start to the day, for us, but with one special exception: Next to me, arms locked around my middle, he's home. And he's not going anywhere.

We all get up and make our way downstairs after sufficient cuddling, and he takes his place at the griddle - dish towel tossed over a shoulder, spatula in hand. The smell of bacon permeates the house and I sidle up next to him, hug and kiss and get the eggs going. The kids line our table and shout out their drink orders. We flirt and slow dance in the kitchen, serving up steaming plates and special memories.

And here in this place, with these kids witnessing, we live out love the best way we know how. And the whole family can feel it, that warm comforting feeling of completeness. He's the missing puzzle piece on our normal days, and when he's home everything just feels right.

Later I'll sit with a book or some knitting and sneak furtive glances at him, playing a tournament of connect four with the kids, or wrestling the toddler, kissing the heads of our little girls. With my parenting partner here, our kids experience the full impact of what we strive to create here - balanced, dual parent, home centered family.

We're miles from perfect, but when I sneak a turn on his lap and see our kids watching how we love, it feels pretty close.

For today, so thankful for:

1) J home, family complete.

2) My beautiful F, so smart and spunky and wise beyond her years

3) Joboy's contagious smile

4) D's sensitive spirit

5) B's big brother helping

6) sibling relationships, the good and the bad - so thankful they have eachother!

7) Monday morning breakfast

8) Steamed milk in my coffee

9) A day of togetherness

10) Waking to his arms around me.

Have a blessed Monday!

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  1. Lovely!! We're the same way on Bill's days off. Showing your kids how you love each other I think is one of the most important things you can do as a parent. I know even though my parents went through difficult times I still have very fond memories of the way they looked at each other and how affectionate they were with one another. I loved how you said J is the missing puzzle piece, which is exactly how we feel about our Bill and daddy. :)

  2. Stopping by from Ann's. . .my youngest is named Lydia. . .such a lovely name and a lovely stop in my day.

  3. I’m here from Ann’s this afternoon.

    Being my first time reading you – I’m thinking military? For whatever reason it makes me smile that he is “home”

    if I have to pick just one from your list, I pick: 6) sibling relationships, the good and the bad - so thankful they have each other! (because you are so right – all the sibling rivalry will in the end lead to an unbreakable bond – all your kids are gifts that you have given each of them)

    These words really made me smile. Thank you.

    God Bless you and all of yours

  4. Another beautiful post....and I can so relate since my own DH is a shift worker....there are hard days when it feels more like being a single mom, then just your average SAHM. It's amazing that the whole tone of the home can change with the fervent cries of "daddy's home!" So funny how we kind of do the same things....pancakes on the griddle, music from the ipod streaming, everyone dancing. it's those moments that bond us. Someone once told me that the best thing a man could do for his children, was to love their mom. God Bless our men who are doing it!

  5. This is what I want when I get married! I think I just cried. (:

  6. I hope you find it, Laura!! God has given me something I couldn't have designed for myself. I am truly so blessed!


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