Monday, March 7, 2011

A Blankie for a Boy

Although this quilt has been done for a few months, I never posted "its done" photos.  This grey, rainy, snuggle with a quilt type of day we are having, it seems appropriate to do so now.

Here it is.  I loved how easy the pattern was for me, a non-sewer.  It came together really well and you can hardly tell without looking closely that there are no triangles involved at all.  I am no good at piecing or keeping seam allowances as consistent as they need to be for good quilting, so this was a life saver.

I used a Michael Miller bundle I found on etsy, and contrasted the bright colors of the prints with a cool grey solid.  The backing fabric is bright red with white dots.  The batting is "Warm and Natural."  I hand quilted along the grey zig zags with grey embroidery floss.

I am not happy with how the machine binding went at all - probably due in large part to not using a walking foot.  I should have known better - cutting corners never bodes well in quilting.  I plan to hand sew the binding again and then seam rip the machine stitches off.  Someday.  When I feel like a totally tedious project is in order.

This quilt is larger than a crib size, smaller than a twin size, so really perfect for a certain toddler I happen to know.  He has completely adopted it as his own.  When he is not napping with it, he is using the zig zags as makeshift train tracks for his beloved Thomas trains.

It was fun to make, and I actually really like the look of it (besides the binding) now.

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  1. Oh it turned out so sweet. Well Done!

  2. my grandmother made me a quilt, before she died (I was 3) I still have it (I'm 34) - and we use it in the house, outside picnics - it's wonderful to have something made by her hands specifically for me that her GREAT grandsons enjoy as well! Who ever would have thought of that?! great job, who knows who of your legacy will enjoy it!!

  3. What pattern did you use? I have had a horrible time with quilts and this one looks like it might be a touch easier than the pieceing of the triangles...=) It is beautiful!

  4. I used this tutorial. It was super easy!

  5. I love the gnomes! I really, really do! The blanket is gorgeous!

  6. Thank you Danielle! It was fun to make. The fabrics are a little bright for me, but its a totally fun kid blanket, and the grey breaks them up enough so its not too loud.


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