Wednesday, March 9, 2011

TV Free Lent

When I was little, my parents frequently had us give up TV for lent.  Of course I thought it was incredibly unjust at the time, and vowed never to do such a thing to my own children.

Times have changed.  I am not proud to say that TV viewing has hit an all time high in our household during the past few weeks - due, in part, to nasty weather and readily available Netflix titles.  Also, if I am to be completely honest, to Mom burn out.

We all need a break.  I brought it up last night and my 7 year old entreated "I don't think I can live without TV!" Clue number one that I am on the right track.  This morning, my toddler begged "Dora? Choo choo?  Blues Clues?"  Good heavens, what has happened to us?  I, who could once easily take or leave the black box in the living room, have turned to it in desperation during the past few weeks so frequently that it has become a knee jerk reaction to any situation.  Not good.

This Lent will hopefully see us focusing less on empty entertainment, and more on growing and learning, reading and imagination.  More on fixing problems than placating them.

I am terrified and excited.

Do you give up anything for Lent?  If you do, what is it?

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  1. Ah yes I remember giving up TV for Lent. It seemed like such a horror then, but really I think it is great for a family to do. It is really giving up something that is part of your every day life and something that you enjoy. (I think there is even a little suffering in it too)
    I am giving up dairy and it is already making me a little sad (I am allowing myself cream for coffee, but no cheese, no frozen yogurt, no sour cream, who knows I might not even do cream for my coffee). Also as is my wont I am taking something extra on for lent, in the act of on my knees praying above and beyond my normal time spent in prayer. I will spend that time praying only for the needs of others, as I feel directed by God.

  2. I really enjoy reading your blog. I used to be subscribed to you back on your xanga days and recently have been reading again.

    I have to say that seems like a big undertaking with so many littles. I know it is so much easier to just give them something to watch! Props to you!


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