Friday, April 1, 2011

After a long week of working from sun up to sun down (and feeling lousy besides), I needed to recharge.  When my husband came home for the day and the little ones were settled down for naps, I refreshed myself in one of my favorite ways - pulling out the old sewing machine and letting my creative juices flow.

I had no real plan or really any supplies, so I grabbed my rag bag to see what I could come up with.  After making a much needed quilted potholder (all of ours are in rags and in desperate need of recycling) for the kitchen, I came across some leftover strips from various quilting projects.

Initially I thought this would become another potholder, but it kept growing and I didn't much feel like stopping.  I went ahead, thinking maybe it could be a cushion for my rocker, but then my husband reminded me that we had just bought one at Ikea.  Right.  Forgot about that.  Ok, well maybe it can be a wall hanging, or a hotpad/centerpiece for the dinner table, or maybe a dolly quilt.

To be honest, I don't really care what it becomes.  For me, it has already fulfilled its purpose: relaxing me, recharging me, giving me an outlet for creativity and the pleasure of piecing together something beautiful.

In other crafty news, the linen I ordered on Tuesday came in record time!  I just need to head to the craft store for some knit/lycra for the waistband.  Stay tuned for my linen maternity skirts! 

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  1. beautiful colors & creating things with fabric does the same thing for me. What kind of sewing machine is that-I can't see it close up enough. I've been enjoying your blog. Holly

  2. beautiful! I wish I had a sewing machine. I'd have no idea how to use it at first, but I can remember my grandma sitting and sewing garments, blankets, horse blankets even! ....long after it was too hard to be hand (she made quilts in a quilting bee until it was too hard - she was famous around here for her quilts!). She always looked so content and at peace. Who couldn't use more of that?

  3. Awesome quilt. I think you should hang it as a reminder of your gifts and abilities to create and make new.

  4. What beautiful colors and finished piece! I am not very crafty but have long felt the need to go back to my childhood and do cross stitching again. Or, learn the art of crocheting. Seems daunting to learn or even do any of those things with so much of "life" to do. So glad you took the time to refresh yourself.


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