Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Lost Boy Sweater

"Young boys should never be sent to bed.  They always wake up a day older." ~J.M. Barrie

When I was a little girl, I loved the story of Peter Pan.  I watched Mary Martin's Peter Pan as often as I could.  I watched the Disney version every chance I got.  I would throw open my window each night and wish that Peter would come for me, too.  He never did, of course, but still I hoped.  I couldn't imagine anything more wonderful than flying off to the Second Star to the right, and straight on til morning.  When I grew older, I read J.M. Barrie's lovely book, and was delighted to realize that much of the dialogue in the play that I had memorized was straight from the original text.

All things "Peter" have been of interest to me, so I was thrilled when a friend sent me this pattern from the "Neverland" collection by Tina Good.  It is just a simple raglan hoodie with moss stitch borders, knit from the top down, but something about the thick borders and spacious hood give it that fairy tale feeling that appeals to me so much.

I had 3 skeins of purewool laying around (my go-to inexpensive yet snuggly soft wool) so I attempted the 2T size with the idea that maybe it would fit Jonah for a bit before being handed on to the new baby.  It isn't green, so it cannot be a "Peter" sweater in my mind, but the variegated brown and dark brown trim is just right for a "Lost Boy" sweater.  Turns out I had just enough.  I found these sweet wooden buttons at Joanns, and I think they are just perfect.

Unfortunately, it just barely fits Jonah right now, on the cusp of summertime, so I am not sure he'll get much wear out of it.  A reminder that little boys must grow up, even if their Mama's don't want them to.

"I don't ever want to be a man," said Peter.  "I want to always be a little boy, and to have fun!"

{I promise that this is the end of knitting posts for this week.  Tomorrow, something more substantial!  Blessings, friends!}

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  1. Good ness you are one talented mama! You know I'm jealous!! And Jonah just gets cuter everyday. <3


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