Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve

When I was in High School, there was a boy...(isn't there always?).

I thought he was pretty much the most amazing thing ever created.  My feelings, however, were unrequited, as often happens in these stories.  It didn't much matter, I still would look at him and think he was marvelous, and everyone around me knew exactly what I was thinking.  He'd walk into a room and I'd light up, unable to tear my eyes away from his confident walk, the way he laughed with friends, his smile.  When it finally came out to him how I felt, he shrugged it off by dismissing me with a condescending "you wear your heart on your sleeve."

And I've been thinking about that lately, what it is to wear your heart on your sleeve - right out there for the whole world to see.  I suppose we all do this in some ways - through our actions, others see where our hearts truly lie.

My children - do I wear my heart on my sleeve with them?  Do they know that I think they are absolutely fantastic?  Do they know I am their biggest fan?  Have I been out there and obvious in my regard for them?  In the throes of the daily grind, sometimes those relationships that do mean the most to us can be pushed aside.  Taking a moment here or there to remind myself (and them) that I see them, I get them, I adore them - what could be more important?

And that husband of mine...do I burst into smiles when he walks in a room?  When he talks, do I really, really pay attention?  Does he know?  Does he look at me and see my regard for him written all over me?

All these years later, instead of blushing deep and walking away with a broken heart, I'm brushing it off, shining it bright and hanging it right out there for all to see.  But especially, for them.

How do you show your family how you truly feel?  How do you prioritize that in the midst of the every day?

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1 comment:

  1. I say it each and every time I comment on one of your posts, yet it needs to be said once again....Just beautiful, Lydia! And somehow, what you write parellels that which I have been pondering in my own mind/heart/soul but am unable to express myself. So, thank you for the blessing of your words. :o)


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