Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Few Of My Favorite Things *Newborn Edition*

I must apologize in advance for my overabundance in posting on all things baby and newborn...these days my thoughts are consumed with little else!

Although I am a "less is more" Mama for the most part and require very little for our new addition, there are some things that I simply adore having and using when a new baby graces us with their highly anticipated presence.  I've compiled a little list for you, should you be wondering what sort of things I love for a newborn (not to be confused with an older baby...).

Kissaluv 0 newborn fitteds

Oh my.  These are so sweet and tiny, hold up amazingly well and keep messes well contained.  They are fitteds, and need a cover.  Some cute wool perhaps?

 Moby Wrap

I started my babywearing journey the way many mothers do - with the ring sling.  And yes, I loved the ring sling...until I discovered something else.  I found I prefer styles that go over both shoulders instead of putting all the pressure on just one side.  For older babies, I like soft structured carriers; for newborns, I love my moby wrap.

Burt's Bees "Baby Bee" line

I love this stuff, especially the milk bath and the apricot baby oil.  I was gifted one of those small assortments when I had Jonah, and used both of these things all the way up.  I am currently searching for a larger bottle of the baby oil.  It smells so amazing, I want to use it on myself!

Baby Pilot Caps

Sure, you can put your baby in a hat...but there is something particularly fetching about a pilot cap.  I cannot resist.

Wrap Tees

I am completely guilty of putting my babes in these long after the newborn stage, simply because to me, wrap tees say "fresh newborn."  And the fact that you don't have to pull something over a reluctant baby's head is also a bonus.

Cloth Wipes

These are must-haves.  You can either make them yourself out of fabric scraps or buy them - some come in luxurious cotton velour or fleece.  I like to have an overabundance of them as they are truly multi-taskers.  We use them to wipe little bottoms, noses, use as soft washcloths, etc.  You can never have too many cloth wipes.

Prefold Diapers

These are another must-have, my go-to all purpose cloth to have tossed over my shoulder during those early days.  Not only do they work for diapering a newborn in squishy soft indian cotton, but I use them as burp cloths/nursing catch-alls.

That is really it - all that I have and all that I want for baby.  All the gadgets in the world cannot replace just holding and enjoying a brand new person, and that is exactly what I intend to do.

What are your favorite newborn items?

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  1. Wondered if you have ever heard of Nourish baby organics? She has a wonderful blog and all her products are 100% organic, made by her, and smell DIVINE! I have the sewwt orange wash but longing for some lavender oil and wash. Perfect for fussy babies!!
    Here's her link

  2. The wrap tees and baby legs and olive oil are my favorites for newborns.

  3. Oh - I love the orange moby wrap! Have you ever tried making one?

  4. Sandy - no I never have...I actually never used a moby until I had Jonah, my sister gave it to my as a gift. I love it! I am sure they are pretty easy to make though, you just need a long length of a knit material..just finish the edges.

  5. I like this post a lot. I'm expecting my 1st in Oct. and really ansy about knowing what "essentials" I need and what to do with a newborn. Just out of curiousity, what is your favorite...aka most effective way to fold the nb prefolds before placing them in covers? I've seen a bunch of folds, but would love some 1st-hand advice!


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